Tomorrow is an independent fourteen-minute animated short film currently in production at BadStache Studio based in Tehran, Iran.


The story is about a ten-year-old thief struggling to survive the day to day hardships of life who crosses path with a stray dog, and the friendship that ensues which changes their lives.



"We wanted to tell a story with a deeper concept and explore the ambiguity of human morality while keeping the audiences engaged."

-Aryasb Feiz, Director



Aryasb Feiz

Director, Writer and Producer

Growing up in Shiraz Aryasb watched classic Disney films such as "101 Dalmatians" and "Aladdin". In school, he started drawing cartoons and soon found his passion in CG animation through Pixar movies.
He studied painting in university while attending AnimationMentor and working part-time as an animator. After finishing AnimationMentor, he worked as an animation supervisor at a small studio making TV commercials and was hooked on directing and storytelling after editing a short film. He founded Badstache Studio in 2014 to make his own short animation.
He loves to teach and has been teaching character animation for 4 years.


Payam Memar

Technical Director

Payam got interested in visual effects when he saw the movie Twister.
He started working as a CG artist at 18 years old while studying power engineering in college, He is a self-taught lighting and rendering artist. After watching Ratatouille he realized his passion is more toward feature animation and storytelling.
Since then he's been working as a TD and Lighting artist in animation projects.
He also likes game design, Artificial Intelligence and makes one heck of a Cappuccino.


Kaveh Ruintan

Animation Supervisor

Kaveh fell in love with animation the first time he saw Baloo the Bear in Walt Disney's Jungle Book. He is a self-taught animator and has an MFA in Visual Communication.
Working as an animator for 8 years, he's contributed to a diverse range of projects such as commercials, Short films, and TV series.
In addition to being the supervising animator on Tomorrow, he also contributed to writing the original story. He has a burning passion for film and story telling and is a lifelong student of cinema.


HamidReza Sheykh

Art Director

When he was a kid his sister showed him how animation is made by drawing on the margins of his school books. After that, he found out how to spend his time at school. He found his true passion after watching Walt Disney’s Aristocats. He studied fine arts at university and got his BFA in Painting. He’s worked as illustrator, concept and character designer. He is in love with every Milt Kahl character specially Sherkhan.
In designing the ”Tomorrow” short film his focus was to be authentic to the old days of Shiraz while making it appealing and original.

Writer, Director & Producer

Aryasb Feiz


Bahman Feiz


Aryasb Feiz

Kaveh Ruintan

Amir Zoghi

TD ,Lighting & Rendering

Payam Memar

Art director ,Concept design & Color Script

Hamid Sheykh

Supervising Animators

Aryasb Feiz

Kaveh Ruintan

Music & Sound Design

Fereydoon Bahrami

Production Managers

Elahe Khalili

Forough Bazhin

Storyboard Artist

Saeed Ghanizadeh

Layout Artists

Negah Majlesi

Farzad Nojoumi

Amir Zoghi

Modeling & Surfacing Supervisor

Payam Memar

Sets Modeling

Payam Memar

Farhad Nojoumi

Ehsan Noori

Reza Rezayi

Moslem Tavakol

HamidReza Afshari

Surfacing Artists

Payam Memar

Mina Nazari

HamidReza Afshari

Character Design

Mehdi Alibeygi

Character Modeling

Farhad Nojoumi

Character Setup

Abolfazl Movahhedi

Character Grooming

Payam Memar

Cloth Design

Aryasb Feiz

Cloth Simulation

Farzad Ghodrati


Aryasb Feiz

Negah Majlesi

Farzad Nojumi

Kaveh Ruintan

Mehdi Taher

Amir Zoghi

Additional Animators

Ehsan Bayat

Masoud Ebrahimi

Emad Shams


Payam Memar

Farzad Ghodrati

Title Design

Hamed Hakimi

Sound Effects

Armin Bahari

Sound Mix

Kaveh Abedin

Recorded at

Saba Studio

Rendered at

Iran Animation Home RenderFarm


Payam Memar

Special Thanks

Saeid Moeini

Hani Rajabi

MohammadReza Tazari

Tooba SoleimaniFard



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